Re: [Epic] skimmers and avoiding getting shot

From: John Chapman <john_at_...>
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 15:06:54 +1100 (EST)

> Actually, I don't think the player without initiative is able to pass. Or if they do, they lose that shot. Something like in a RPG, where one player wins initiative and says, I wait to see what the slower guy is doing (Because you can't
> react if you go first) So the slower guy goes, well, he's waiting, and if I do anything he'll counter, so I won't do anything. Then the fast guy goes fine, he's not gonna attack, then biff, breaks the slow guy's nose. The slow guy cannot
> react because he chose not to do anything. He has to wait for next turn. Transfer that to Epic, and you've got a done deal
> Tyler
> God Rest the Soul of William J Provick
        Well yes they lose that opportunity to shoot. But no unit actually gives
 up the right to fire. SO basically if a bunch of LRs are sitting ready to
shoot and are facing a bunch of say Aspect warriors who are 35 cm away (ie
cant shoot back) and a group of Falcons 35 cm away behind cover they have
the choice of a: shooting the AW's and thus not being able to shoot the falcons
after they pop up or b: going 'pass' until the falcons shoot. Now for b:
they dont actually interrupt the falcons but whatevers left of the LRs can
feel free to shoot back in the marine player's go immediately after the Falcons'
 shot. Even if the eldar player has a dozen other units to shoot with in the
meantime the Falcons can wait. Does it make sense - well it can depending
on how you view it. Does it mean skimmers can avoid return fire - only to a
limited extent. They can choose not to pop up unless certain units shoot first
but normally it means they get only the advantage of shooting first. Its a
good advantage but especially against LR's it usually doesnt make up for the
extra punch/armour of the opposition.
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