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From: John Chapman <john_at_...>
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 1997 10:35:49 +1100 (EST)

> Colen 'Not Colin' McAlister wrote:
> > Jon Nielsen <jon_at_...> came forth and spoke thusly:
> <sinp>
> I had 8 Wave serpent and 2 Night Spinners. These were all my disrupt
> weapons. Is this cheesy? They were spread out in 4 det. so that no
> det. would be to wild. My army consisted of very mixed det., 'cept for
> the my two Jetbike/Vyper det. (one was the Supreme Co. with bodyguard)
> I think I played very fair. He had 10 L.R.'s, 3 Vindicators, 7 Predators
> and 2 Razorbacks all in ONE det.!! The L.R.'s are protected by the other
> tanks (Eldar don't have any AT worth mentioning) so can just sit back
        Huh? Fire Prisms are about the only medium tank sort of thing that can
go 1-1 with land raiders and have a chance of winning (assuming they operate
using pop ups). Eldar support platforms while more expensive than Imperial
(and Chaos? - does chaos get these? - I forget) are one of the cheapest
AT units in the game. Pulsars arent a bad source of AT either (not as powerful
as they used to be but thats probably not a bad thing).

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