Re: [Epic] AT shots

From: John Chapman <john_at_...>
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 10:49:54 +1100 (EST)

> 1: AT shots score hits on 5's vs AV 6.
        The problem with this is that it most helps the army that already has
the most/best AT units. Namely the Imperials (and their shadow Chaos) . Why ?
They have the best AT shots of any army (LR's and support platforms). But unless
 playing against CHaos/Imperial most of their targets have 5 or less armour
 anyway (just go have a look at the eldar and ork lists). Thus this isnt a real
penalty for these units (heck when they ARE playing IMp/Chaos opponents both
sides are penalized fairly evenly....). Also Imperials/Chaos are the ones with
all the 6 armour tanks and titans. So basically we have a case where the Imperial/Chaos shots are rarely reduced in power but the AT shots of Eldar are in fact
cut down (well so would Orks if they had any.....THAT was a poor design
decisions IMO to stop the Orks taking any AT).

        I agree that AT may be too powerful - or rather its cost was
 underestimated when assigning points values to many units. BOth the fixed 4+
(when units with armour 3+ are rare - ie the only disadvantage that it suffers)
 and not having to use the FP table makes it great. On the other hand changing
it to make it weaker would be a problem to the more balanced AT units (Id
say pulsars using units are currently reasonably priced considering the cost
values of their opposition. Cut down AT and this may not be the case). Anyway
the big problem with judging the value of AT is that is has different relative
effects against different armour values (ie its much better using AT than FP
against 6 armour - against 5 armour its no so much of a big deal etc....)
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