RE: [Epic] pulsa rokkits

From: Dirk Vormann <>
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 18:17:11 +0100 (MEZ)

On Mon, 17 Nov 1997, Kelley, Kevin J., JCS wrote:

> I am painting up the mega gargant - there are two missles on this
> platform thingie.
> It says 2x krooz missles just like it says 2xAt for the LR, with the
> added provision that you can only shoot one krooz missle per fireing
> phase(turn). Givin this the only orky weapon with a decent range ....
> well, how many Megagragants last long enuff to get off a third shot?
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> >Miller, Chris wrote:
> >> -----> I think what he meant was that in SM/TL you got just the 2
> >> missiles which come on the titan (they are removable) and once they were
> >> gone, they're gone. Under E40K rules, I don;t think this is so, so the
> >Ah--I didn't know they weren't one shot. I haven't looked at the
> >new Mega-gargant yet.
> >
> >> ------> In WH40K you fire One missile at a time, (I believe there is a
> >> limited salvo option) but once you run out, your out. OK for that game,
> >> but one thing Epic doesn't need IMO is supply rules. You could work up
> >> some kind of system using counters, but we already have the heavy
> >> barrage every other turn rule, and I'm not sure it would be worth a real
> >> add on.
> >
> >Ugh. No thanks. :-) I don't mind the one shots, but I'm not at all
> >interested in keeping track of ammo. I've certainly not been proposing
> >it! :-) But I still reserve the right to joke about it, since most
> >of a Pulsa Rokkit is the thing that shoots off to the other side and
> >blows up (or doesn't--it is Orky, after all). Maybe they're inflatable,
> >and the rest are stored in the base part. :-)
> >
> >andy
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> >Andy Skinner
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Why does everybody claim there were no rules about ammunition supply? Look
at the deathstrike! A one shot missile! That is (roughly, AT instaed of
DR) What the Mega Gargant has. He only carries two missiles and can not
shoot both in the same turn. That should be the ruling, ask GW roolboyz
about it.

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