Re: [Epic] Building the perfect firefight.

From: Tyler Provick <bprovick_at_...>
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 1997 17:54:54 -0500


Since GD have no FP, why not march one detachment behind the GD, then try to win the
initiative so you can get into a FF (By only moving 5cm) When you win, they run into
the people behind them. Since they have little or no FP, then they can't really hurt
the marching detachment. Just don't allow them to get into a FF with anybody unless
they want to get seriously hurt.

Speaking about the uses of FF, I have a story. My very first real game, I had a
mostly tactical detachment sitting in some ruins with two rhinos in front for bait,
and as a screen. (No bitching about cheese, I don't care) Anyway, their huge
detachment runs in an attacks the two rhinos, thinking, hehe, easy prey.

Not all of his troops make it, so there is 3 juicy infantry detachments, including a
psyker CCing my rhinos. Well, my support made sure I wiped out his guys, and made
his detachment run. We decided he would have wrecked me if he had FFed me. To give
you an idea of how great a victory this was, his 1000pt army was split into 2
detachments, while mine were split into 4. Neither of the two detachments involved
had suffered any casualties. We're talking a roughly 250 pt Marine detachment
defeating a roughly 500pt Marine detachment in CC. I laughed real hard.

Anyway, I figure for defeating someone in a FF, you should try to move some very
fast troops behind during the movement phase, then FF in the assault. I have one
question, which direction does the loser have to run in? And whatever happened to
being able to chase after them like in FB. I liked that.

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