Re: [Epic] Building the perfect firefight.

From: John Chapman <john_at_...>
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 11:53:37 +1100 (EST)

> the marching detachment. Just don't allow them to get into a FF with anybody unless
> they want to get seriously hurt.
        Unless someone cant get more than 15cm from an enemy though noone
gets badly hurt in a FF. One stand is all the loser normally loses - if we're
talking GDs theres only a 50% chance of doing even that much damage :|.

> Anyway, I figure for defeating someone in a FF, you should try to move some very
> fast troops behind during the movement phase, then FF in the assault. I have one
        That works as long as your victim also isnt fast. Watching bunches of
BT's and LOCs start their charge from 30+ cm out means theres not much that
you can get behind them. Either a: airlift a detatchment in behind them. B:
outflank them on the previous turn with bikes then swing around the back on
the following turn to cut off their escape. This second tactic has usually seen
the flanking unit getting picked on either the turn it seperates from the rest
of the force or - when the opponent is lucky enough to win initiative in a turn
where the ambush is set up - being jumped on in that turn. I was basically trying to figure out a way to get a decent firefight set up which wasnt quite so
easy to stuff up and didnt take extravagant preparation. Another thought to
set up a jet bike trap. Icf you use your movement phase to - well for want of
a better term 'cross the T' of an enemy unit. IE

                                . B
                               . B BBB
                             DDDDD B then move like DDDDDB
                                       B BBB

Then you can at least trap some opponents. It still comes down to the question
of whether the 'closest unit ' that you can never move further away from is
fixed throughtout the turn. Though in this case if the top bike follows some
path similar to the dots it IS in fact always moving closer to the rightmost
greater Demon AND encircling it to cut off its escape. As long as say the middle GD is the one that gets hit by the Firefight hit then the 2 rightmost should
get cut off and trashed.
> question, which direction does the loser have to run in? And whatever happened to
        That seems to be up to the loser. We've had games where the whole det
has run in different directions trying to avoid getting wasted. Heck in CC
assuming the loser is a skimmer theres nothing in the rules preventing it from
jumping right over the head of the attacker and going straight for 20cm. That
 is enough to save even an old 2x2cm based stand (will end up 16cm away assuming
opponent is also on a 2x2).Silly really but evidently within the rules. However
doing this is likely to end up with a few out of command units.

> being able to chase after them like in FB. I liked that.
        All the independent minis though (as opposed to the usual blocks in FB)
would slow the game down I feel.....
> Tyler
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