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From: Elias Tiliakos <elite_at_...>
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 97 20:11:20 EST

At 02:24 PM 11/20/97 -0500, you wrote:
>> This means Rampage units are always caught by
>> >> the enemy and destroyed if they lose a close combat."
>> >I think that clearly states that they never retreat, not automatically
>> >destroyed. It says always caught. If there is no enemy, you can't be caught.
>> >Tyler
>> >
>> I repeat: "and destroyed if they lose a close combat." Seems pretty clear to
>> me.
>Well, yes it is clear if you take it out of context. It actually says are
>caught and destroyed by the enemy. Has this been answered in a Q&A yet. No one
>else seems to be debating this other then me and Elias. Which is funny, since
>there isn't a clear correct or incorrect answer, and I doubt it really matters
>because we'll never play it. But when I see the phrase, which I didn't snip and
>can be found at the top, straight from Elias' 'puter which he took straight
>the book, I think it means that if they lose, they never get a 20 cm
retreat move,
>they basically stand and let people cut them down. If they kill all the
>then there is no one to kill them, unless there is someone from another
>within 15 cm.

Ok, I guess that interpretation could work too. But what did you mean
by "take out of context?" It seems like a very ambiguous wording, to
say the least. Either interpretation, IMO, could be applied, though
I now agree with you that yours is much more probable.


"Understanding is a three edged sword."

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