Re: [Epic] Dire Avenger/Fire Dragon/Shining Spear Aspect Warriors

From: Dirk Vormann <>
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 10:21:11 +0100 (MEZ)

> > The unchanged basic stats are used by Striking Scorpions.
> So warp spiders are just as good as scorps in CC?

In my article I did not deal with Hawks or Spiders. (Want to wait until
the psyker in there is sorted out.)

> > HBs may add a special ability. They get +1 Assault Value if they charge
> > and -1 in case they are charged.
> Too complex. Now you're getting into the realm of Space
> Marine-type special rules...

I said MAY. You can use basic stats for SS and HB of course. Then you
should use identical stats for DA and FD as well.

> > Shining Spear:
> >
> > Tricky one this.
> >
> > Start with basic (Harlequin) Jet bike (15Pts) Profile.
> Harli jet bikes aren't any different than the regular jet
> bikes.

True. That is why an increased AV in the basic Shining Spear stats is

> > Allow Psyker (+10) and/or Exarch (assault, +1).
> >
> > Advantage: Jet bikes with FP 2 and AV 2.
> > Disadvantage: You get only ONE unit per Main Force Slot.
> > You may only choose the same number of SS Jet bikes as support as you
> > have SS Bikes in the Main Force. This is to prevent Players having 10
> > Guardian and 5 SS Jet bikes in one detachment. Expensive Vypers should be
> > used as support.
> What exactly is the advantage of Shining Spears in WH40k?
> I've never seen them fielded.

Save 3+ instead of 5+. Survive more bolter fire. Nice ranged ability
(Tyranid warriors die easily). Better at hit and run than guardians.

> > Now some *ideas* concerning characters riding Vypers.
> >
> > You could allow a Warlock (Psyker,+10 Pts, works fine) or an Exarch
> > (Assault) on a Vyper. The Problem is that the cost would have to be
> > REDUCED for the Exarch. On the other Hand using cheaper Vypers gets you
> > the same situation I mentiond concerning Shining Spears as support units.
> > (To many cheap bikes in one detachment.)
> > It seems best to increase the AV of a Vyper for an Exarch but to leave the
> > Range unchanged. (+2 Pts)
> Or, instead of using +Assault to represent an Exarch, use
> the Space Wolf ability (which really should have been named something
> more generic than "Space Wolves")

Concerning EX no Vypers we seem to have come to a conclusion.

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