Re: [Epic] Q&A 5 (Answered!)

From: Erik K. Rutins <snowdo1_at_...>
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997 20:53:39 -0500

> Ok then when rolling to see if its driven off or splatted does
> shot still treat the armour as 4+ or does it revert to the normal
> value (ie just how scared should Thawks be of AT Flak)

The rules say that the second roll is always against the flyers armour
value so I would presume that the second roll is irrespective of flak
type. Again, I assumed, so I also assume that this is a valid question
to send in. :-)

> Sounds like my 'why take guardians when you can have aspects'
> Sadly even with the new rules there are still some very average units

Hey, guardians can be useful! Seriously.


- Erik
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