Re: [Epic] Q&A 5 (Answered!)

From: John Chapman <john_at_...>
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 13:36:10 +1100 (EST)

> The rules say that the second roll is always against the flyers armour
> value so I would presume that the second roll is irrespective of flak
> type. Again, I assumed, so I also assume that this is a valid question
> to send in. :-)
        Yeah the problem comes that the roll is against the armour of the
flyer but the AT rules claim that the armour is always treated as being 4
as far as its concerned. So of course we end up with - 'But the THawk has 6
armour so you need a '6' while the Eldar player goes 'sure but this gun treats
all armour as 4....'. Hell we wouldnt be playing a GW game if there werent
some un-officially answered questions arising from ambiguous rules:).
> > Sounds like my 'why take guardians when you can have aspects'
> > Sadly even with the new rules there are still some very average units
> Hey, guardians can be useful! Seriously.
        Yeah maybe - I just keep looking at them and thinking how much of
a pain it is to use them and just wimp out. Maybe if I get around to painting
some of the 36 or so stands of them that I have Ill try them out sometime.But
Ive always loved the aspects right back to SM2 so its going to be tough to
squeeze them out.I might use some as a suicide squad next time I play the
chaos player around here and I need to deal with packs of GDs......
        How do you normally use guardians (outside of as a screening/sacrificial) unit ? In terms of shooting ok they have 2fp but theyre out ranged by most
infantry and their crud armour means if the opposition goes first theyre
going to be badly hurt.......
                                                        just curious
> Regards,
> - Erik
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