Re: [Epic] WD Battle Reports

From: Tim Sharrock <tjsharrock_at_...>
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 10:49:02 GMT

>> Probably by taking one or two of everything that's available,
>> just like they do with any army in any battle report. The reports
>> are pretty useless when it comes to army design tips.

There are two infantry detachments:
captain/psycher + 2 Command
2 x Guard Squad
6 x Heavy Weapon Squad
4 x Ratlings
2 x Ogryns
1 x Demolisher Tank
total 297 points

Rough Rider Captain + RR Command
6 x RR squad (all in main-force - so did not know the new Q&A)

There are also:
 a Super-heavy tank company
 a tank detachment with 1 guard squad and 1 heavy-weapons squad (in Chim)
 an artillery detachment with 1 guard squad (in Chimera)
 a Space marine infantry detachment in drop-pods

How the IG "infantry" fared:
Turn 2: Rough Riders broken by Avatar + Aspect Warriors, but killed the Avatar
Turn 3: Main infantry unit, on overwatch, wiped out a war-host, then lost 1
        Ratling in firefight with Engines of Vaul
Turn 4: Main infantry unit, on overwatch again, destroyed 3 Engines of Vaul


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