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Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 00:40:34 -0600

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There are two infantry detachments:
captain/psycher + 2 Command
2 x Guard Squad
6 x Heavy Weapon Squad
4 x Ratlings
2 x Ogryns
1 x Demolisher Tank
total 297 points


OK, I'll bite. What the hell were they trying to do with this
detachment? It looks like a jumbled mixture of a little of
everything, and able to excel at nothing.

More to the point, why is this one detachment instead of three?
Because of the way the IG gets screwed on command costs,
making this three detachments would cost exactly the
same, but allow you greater tactical flexibility.
(If you score hits, three detachments will even grant
you more blast markers on the enemy.)

I'll wait until I've read the article before
delivering my final opinion, but no, I don't
think I'm going to learn anything useful about
using the Guard from this battle report. Who
were the players involved?

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