Re: [Epic] Q&A 5 (Answered!)

From: Dirk Vormann <>
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 20:33:09 +0100 (MEZ)

> > Seriously, this is the only way I see them fielded. How have you
> > them to be useful?
> A second way is to get a detachment of guardians in wave serpents or
> falcons. Put them on assault orders. Don't pop up to fire in the
> shooting phase, keep hidden. Advance and unload in the assault phase to
> firefight. Win the firefight (usually quite easily, particularly if you
> took falcons), break the enemy. Now initiative becomes key. If you
> lose initiative in the movement phase, pack up, retreat on assault
> orders and try again next time (you can march if the enemy has no arty
> or chance of catching you). If you win, wait for your enemy to move and
> then if he seems to try to continue his advance or hold his ground in
> that area go on overwatch. Most likely he retreated last turn to just
> outside your 15cm to avoid being destroyed. So, advance 5cm on
> overwatch. Blast away. Wave Serpents become a possible bonus here as
> the piling on of blast markers is a good thing. Nothing warms the heart
> like seeing your 2FP, 15cm guardians on overwatch actually getting a
> chance to shred something, though.
> If you are careful with your maneuvering and patient until the situation
> is right (a key with most Eldar tactics) you can really do some damage
> and completely change the tactical situation in an area with this
> tactic.
Of course it is best to support the guardians with some long range
firepower from behind.

There is one other use not already mentioned: With Guardians you can form
LARGE (20+ units) detachments. Use them to help an aspect detachment in a
CC. The Aspects win the combat while the guardians engage the opposing
models not in combat with the aspects AND move past them to cut off their
retreat. Does not work against 40 Ork boys though.

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