Re: [Epic] More Unidentified Stuff

From: Dirk Vormann <>
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 1997 10:44:08 +0100 (MEZ)

these minis are from different old sprues

> 10 Bone Coloured Eldar Dreadnoughts

from the stompa sprue I believe

> about 20 Bone Coloured Eldar Guardians (not armed with Shuriken Catapults;
> Lasguns maybe ?; however there were three with a missile launcher like the
> marines ?); they are a bit smaller than the grey plastic ones...

The missile Launcher could be a lascannon.
They are from a different sprue which contains aspect Warriors, Jetbikes,
support Weapons etc

> lots and lots of Dark Green Eldar Guardians (even smaller than the bone
> coloured ones...)
> 20 Dark Green triangular tanks (he told me they were old style Falcon Grav
> Tanks)

These were in one sprue together

> Metal :
> 6 'Eggs on Legs' : Basically an egg with legs and a gun on each side of the
> egg; I believe I spot an Eldar pilot in the egg...

OLD war walkers

> 1 25mm high figure of an Eldar with a cape and a 30 mm spear (I think it's
> an Avatar)

Yes, it is

> 1 50mm huge gun, pointing in the air; you can find a picture of it in CJ
> 20, p.34 on the right; I believe it is a Goliath Cannon
> 2 35mm three-barreled FlakVierling (FlakDrieling ?) anti-aircraft gun; I
> think they're Thunderfire Cannons
> 1 gigantic tank (7 cm long, 3 cm wide, 35 mm high) with a huge gun and a
> turret and... (too difficult to describe; luckily, there's a picture of it
> in CJ 20, p.34 on the left); I believe it's a Cyclops...

Yes, thesae are squat models

> 1 big tank (4 cm long, 3 cm wide, 4 cm high). It has a big gun at the front
> and an turret on top. There are 3 2-barreled gun mounts on each side and a
> huge door at the back. On the front is the Imperial Eagle, and there is a
> small castle tower behind the turret on top of it (it even has battlements
> !); I don't think it is a Colossus (because of the Imperial Eagle) and
> there was no Gyrocopter with it (as described in CJ 20).

A leviathan. Appears in both IG and squat armies.

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