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From: John Chapman <john_at_...>
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 1997 10:13:50 +1100 (EST)

> John Chapman wrote:
> > Back to the cheese argument. Almost any unit I have been able to think
> > of has at least one effective counter in the game. You can CC land raiders
> > you can Firefight Greater demons etc etc..... The 'cheese' comes into it
> > more when a detatchment can be made that is considerably more effective than
> > any others of a similar type for similar points.
> Depends on the degree. LRs are, IMHO, too effective for the points.
> Worse is that they belong to the Imperials, who already have a vast
> amount of variety to choose from.
        Yup it basically means that if you were to choose your army strictly on
effectiveness rather on any other attribute (fairness,what the fluff says etc)
no imperial commander would take Predators or Lemann Russ's , just Land Raiders.
That if anything is an indication of a problem.
        A similar problem existed in places in SM2. Despite the apparent greater variety of units many were garbage and never taken (except as a joke).

> But the degree is relatively small. At 35pts they're too cheap, but 50
> wouldn't be.
        Im not sure whether Id go to 50 points with them. Tank v Tank theyre
probably that good but vs CC and Firefights the difference isnt quite so great.
Ive always thought 42-5 would have been reasonable.
> Then again, Ork Nobz are such a bargain, they're underpriced too. But
> shooty boyz at 17 pts are overpriced. In neither case by much.
        Yup probably. Also for 1 point its hard to not turn aspects into Exarchs
.(another reason for making exarchs a:harder to get on the list (ie limit them
to 1-2 per 4-5 stands (sort of like the SM2 exarch limit)) b:more expensive
c: heroes. maybe the same sor of thing for termis but then again maybe not....).

> Agree. For cheese you need a) Cheap and b) Unbeatable except under
> incredibly rare circumstances. LRs qualify for a) but the circumstances
> are merely rare, not incredibly so, as numerous battle reports have
> atested.
        Hmmmmmm still theres quite a few units that fall into your land raider
category. Some of the better ones (Ok LR's and Nobz and Deathstrikes as mentioned) Id probably add Bloodthirsters and maybe LOC's (yeah you can mince them in
a FF but half the time you wont even kill 1....), probably support weapons (
3 AT shots for just over the price of a LR!....), and thunderhawks.Even the
underpricedness could have been a more minor problem if the army lists did not
allow such vast quantities of these units to be taken. If there is an 'army
flavour' that people should adhere to it would be nice if the list restrictions
reflected this. Its kind of hard to explain to a new gamer why he shouldnt
take dozens of LRs or all nobz and no boyz.....'why should I make my army with
units tha so obviously suck?.....'
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