Re: [Epic] Leviathan Questions

From: Dirk Vormann <>
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 1997 14:51:24 +0100 (MEZ)

> 2) What do you transport with it ? You only have 6 transport slots, and
> this doesn't really fit in the IG structure; 1 Command stand + 3 IG stands
> = 7 stands; 1 Command stand + 3 Hvy Weap = 4 stands (can't put 3 support
> Ogryns with it or we have 7 stands). I am planning to use the following :
> 1 command stand (with Captain) + 2 IG stands (with Commisars) + 1 Hvy
> stand = 6 stands; they will probable get 2 Leman Russ tanks and a Hydra as
> support. Any other suggestions ?
> 3) I wanted to use the troops inside as screening troops in case that the
> Lev cam in range of enemy fire, it would unload the infantry so that they
> could be shot instead of the transport. However, the infantry does not
> belong to the same detachment as the Lev... Maybe I should put lots of Hvy
> Weapons stand in it (with 2 extra support platforms), to increase the longe
> range FP; enemy fire at the Lev doesn't affect the infantry, and vice
> versa...

What to transport and how to use it:

Do not use shooty units. They cannot shoot while being in the Laviathan
(all this holds true for Imperator Titans as well).
Use an assault detachment. Captain/psyker, 2 tactical squads and one
Ogryn. Use as much Comissars as you can afford. (One ber 2 unit tactical
squad.) If you want 2 ogryns you have to use one support squad which is a
waste of points. The trick is to unload your Infantry in the assault phase
and to charge the enemy then. Important: The detachment has zero Blast
Markers on it at the time. That should give it an advantage against
everyone (who were shot at by the transport). However: DO NOT SUPPORT THIS
Infantry may not be able to leave the transport in the assault phase due
to BMs and you may not get the bonus for having less BMs than your
opponent. Of course you can use Tanks from another det. to support the

Support squads are better outside the transport to return fire so REALLY
do not bother transporting them in anything exept Chimeras. They do not
belong into a Leviathan. You are also right that screening the War Engine
with Infantry (against shooting) is impossible.

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