[Epic] Leviathan Questions

From: Carl Billen <billenc_at_...>
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 1997 09:24:24 +0100

Well, I found the miniature and a found the rules, but I have some
questions of course...

1) What is the colour scheme of a Leviathan (as I wasn't able to identify
the miniature, I haven't any ideas in which colours to paint it) ? I would
find it odd if it should be painted in camouflage colours, as all Imperial
vehicles are supposed to be...

2) What do you transport with it ? You only have 6 transport slots, and
this doesn't really fit in the IG structure; 1 Command stand + 3 IG stands
= 7 stands; 1 Command stand + 3 Hvy Weap = 4 stands (can't put 3 support
Ogryns with it or we have 7 stands). I am planning to use the following :
1 command stand (with Captain) + 2 IG stands (with Commisars) + 1 Hvy
stand = 6 stands; they will probable get 2 Leman Russ tanks and a Hydra as
support. Any other suggestions ?

3) I wanted to use the troops inside as screening troops in case that the
Lev cam in range of enemy fire, it would unload the infantry so that they
could be shot instead of the transport. However, the infantry does not
belong to the same detachment as the Lev... Maybe I should put lots of Hvy
Weapons stand in it (with 2 extra support platforms), to increase the longe
range FP; enemy fire at the Lev doesn't affect the infantry, and vice

4) Do you have to give the stands inside the Lev (providing they're the
only ones belonging to the detachment), special movement orders at the
beginning of the turn, or can you just decide to when to move them ? For
example, we have a Lev with IG inf and two Ogryn stands. Eldar jetbikes
attack the back of the Lev by moving 15 cm behind it. They fire away, and
it is time for the Assault phase. Can I move my Ogryns out, charging the
Jetbikes (2 x 10 cm - 5 for dimounting = 15), even if I didn't declare the
detachment to be on assault orders ? Or do I have to explicitly state that
my transported troops are on Assualt orders when being inside the Lev ?

Hoping you understand my questions,

Carl Billen
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