Re: [Epic] Epic 40 K newbie in need of help

From: Dirk Vormann <>
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 1997 15:30:45 +0100 (MEZ)

> 1) Such as which models to get and to avoid.
You need a lot of Falcons and Wave Serpents. 4 Night Spinners. Fire Prisms
are not really useful against everyone (and cost to much points). Vypers
are expensive as well (only have double range of Jet bikes for +50%
points). I do not use them often. One Cobra and two Scorpions are a must.
More EOVs are even better. At best 3 Vampires and 7 Phoenix bombers.
Expensive (in money, not points) but worth it if you have enough units to
transport). A few Nightwings can help as well (10 is a good number in
larger battles). For the beginning you can do well with just 5 Nightwings
and no other Flyers.

> 2) how should i set them up in the detachment sheet. ( i.e. which units should i group tpgether to make a detachment?

ALWASY at least 2 Warlocks in detachments which may see some firefights or
close combats. Never buy any Aspect Warrior without Exarch. It is just +1
point and worth it.
Put as many units in a det as possible. Jetbikes and artillery are the
only exeptions. Never buy Infantry without sufficient Transport.
Exeptions: Scouts and eventually Dark Reapers/Support Weapons.

Det of 10 Jetbikes with 2 psykers. I do not support them with anything
(Rather use two of these than one with 5 Vypers and an overpriced
Supreme Commander Farseer on Vyper can be supportet by 8 Jetbike units
(and a Warlock) to get a similar det.

Avatar: add either 4 Aspect Warriors (4 exarchs), 1 Warlock and sufficient
Transport for all 5 units (2 Wave Serpent, 1 Falcon), just 3 Aspects
(Exarchs, 1 Psyker) and a Vampire or 3 Dreadnoughts, 1 Wraithguard
(psyker) and one Wave Serpent.

You get good CC ability and possibly a det with only armour 6 (especially
against the IG who have a few DRs but no AT shots).

4 Falcons and 4 Night Spinners make a good det as well. Use overwatch.
Falcons and not guardians for
  a) speed if withdrawing them is necessary
  b) range to absorb BMs so the disrupt can shoot normally.
4 Falcons to ensure one BM for standard FP on the opponent.

A det with 15 infantry (10 guardians and either wraithguard or aspects,
prefer wraithguard) plus Transport for all of them is usefull as well. How
to use this one was explained some time ago on the list. (If you ask for
it, it can be mailed again).

5 Falcons, 2 Wave serpents and 9 support weapon platforms are great for
defending objectives if deployed in cover.

10 Aspect Warriors in 5 Wave Serpents (10 Exarchs, 2 Psykers) are just
like Harlequins: DEADLY at CC with a 50cm charge range. If they have Jump
Packs as well (preferable) this is increased to 65cm! (Do net let the Wave
Serpents get out of command range!) 3 Vampires as transport for either 10
Aspects or 12 Harlequin units are great, too. Place 2 Phoenixes in that
det as well.

Flyers are best if used in groups of five each. No matter which kind.
Do not mix Interceptors and Bombers. Two seperate detachments are better.

Souts can be used as standard infantry instead of Guardians. You get no
Transports for them, but supported by Support Platforms or Walkers (War
Walkers and/or Dreadnoughts) their longer range can be put to good use.

Dark Reapers: Together with Falcons for good standard FP. However, you
will never win a battle with firepower. You can inflict BMs cheaper
(disrupt) and you HAVE to use Close Combat and Firefights in order to win.

Use Reapers with support weapons and/or Scouts for defending positions.

If you do not want your supreme commander (Farseer) on a Vyper with
Jetbike support you can build a (large) guardian force (with transports!)
as well.

Hope that helps

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