Re: [Epic] Rats!

From: Andy Skinner <askinner_at_...>
Date: Mon, 08 Dec 1997 16:19:37 -0500

Antony Van Der Linden wrote:
> Yeah, I'm in Townsville, about 380km from Cairns. Its too far to
> waltz up and track the guy down but I could try and garner a phone number
> if anyone thinks it could help. Maybe ring him and tell him the heavies
> will be round to 'fix' him if he doesn't fix things.
> Andy, did you get the impression this was his real name or a
> pseudonym for just such an occasion?

Hi, Tony. Do you ever go down to Cairns? Do you know anyone
trustworthy from there? We've found the guy and told his mom. :-)
(Actually, there is another older person involved, but still in
the shadows.) His mom is apparently willing to return the stuff,
but cannot afford the postage. (There is a lot of stuff from a
lot of people--he made a killing!) We're wondering about the
possibility of someone picking it all up and selling it, possibly
at a conference, possibly over a period of time. The agent(s)
would get some percentage, because of the amount of time involved,
especially sorting out whose stuff is whose. (A _lot_ of minis,
from what I've heard.)

Please let me know if you're interested, or knows someone we can
trust. We want to be polite to the people involved, not wanting
them to get defensive. How long are you at school, or are you
gone already? Any help appreciated.


Andy Skinner
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