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From: John Chapman <john_at_...>
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 18:34:02 +1100 (EST)

> > > (Flyers)-
> > > Why is everyone saying this, was there a white dwarf I missed? Is
> > > the english version different from the american? I can't see anything
> > > on P.47 of the rule book that says interception happens before the
> > > planes reach the table (though I agree it would be better if it did).
> > > It says to place the non-interceptors on the table edge, then place
> > > the interceptors next to them, in my book.
> Yes, place the interceptors next to the bombers. Who said how close? Who
> said place them ON (not close to) the table?
> serious: I am sure I saw this on one Q&A page (Allen? This page is down
> now). When I find it I will tell you.
> DV

        Ummm the one reason why they say to place the interceptors seems to be
so that that way you actually use the models that you just paid a bucket for and spent valuable time painting. Effectively any flyer that stays on intercept
may as well be a token than a model because all you need to use them for is
to count how many of them you have left and whether theyre repairing etc.....
At least for ground attack etc you need them on the table to work out flak
attacks etc. Even then the models dont see any serious use......Ever noticed
the little plan top views that they provided in the last 2 white dwarves of
the 3 eldar flyers and ork FBz ? Ever noticed theyre about the right size ,
ever noticed that scanner and colour printer connected to a computer near you?
Its a lot more tempting than the bucket of money that a decent flyer force
will cost and tokens are just about as effective as models given how flyers
now work..........
                                                whine whine scaaaaaaaaaaan
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