Re: [Epic] Hills?

From: Andy Skinner <askinner_at_...>
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 1998 10:02:47 -0500

Sauron Moridor wrote:
> Sauron1 writes; Eric;To open a generic Epic scale discussion.
> What do you use for hills in epic scale. As an experienced terrain
> maker, I have complete terrain board sets as seen in WD. But I also have
> flat based hills for use on cloth covered tables. Recently I produced, {with
> admittedly mixed success} a series of hills of cardboard box material for
> the younger gamers to take home. I turned the boards 180 degrease as I
> layered them up, but there seemed to be no reason why some curled and some
> not.The final coating was of green house paint with play sand mixed in with
> white glue. I will pin them down to my work table next time.

I like GeoHex terrain for the main shapes, because it can have the
effect (similar to board sets) of producing large terrain areas, rather
than hills that are basically lumps. I can make a ridge down the
or a long, sloping surface across the table. But I do want some of the
individual hills as well, to fit onto smaller areas on top of the
I'll make these with blue insulation foam. (That's what I made my
dragon skeleton hill from.)

> Woods tend to be just lichen for epic.We have hundreds of 25mm trees at
> at the club,but they look to large for Epic. Do you use something else?

I'm currently using clumps of Woodland Scenics foliage glued to felt
bases. These look like dense jungles, and figures can't move inside
of them, though I did leave an edge of felt around the outside for
infantry to be on the edge. But I've got some of the smaller Woodland
Scenics trees, and plan to make a few bases with these on them, plus
mount some on pennies. These will make my current dense forests look
like clumps of sponge, I believe.


Andy Skinner
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