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> >Get away with swastikas in England?

The Mosley series starting on Thursday on Channel 4 will show you
that some people in England will not like the symbol.
I myself have heard of some violent Nazi and anti-Nazi groups
appartenly around the UK today, and seen some of their graffiti.
The village where I come from is where Oswald Mosley lived and the
club next door still has a corner stone placed by him.
After all the stuff that came out about him I'm supprised no-one has
tried to deface it yet, maybe they will after the series starts.

For those of you who don't know (or haven't read James Herbert's
48'ers)Mosley was an avid Nazi who did lots of horrible things
including adultery with his daughter, cousin, wife beating and lots
of other things. The person I regularly used to play Epic with's
mother has spent long time researching him, will be interested to see
if she is listed in the credits for the Mosley program.

Sorry this is so far of topic, we should probably drop the subject as
arises to many strong feeling (I have visited Poland and looked round
Mglenka (2nd largest concentration camp in WWII) and can rember how I
felt when trying to write a piece in a newspaper about my feeling
that would be distributed around the Polish village).

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