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Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 11:05:44 -0700

This is my last stab at this subject.

> > Well dont worry, i wont be playing my National Socialist Guard forces
with a
> > bunch of people who cannot handle the sight of the swastika.
> >
> > I do not have anything against it, it is a widely used symbol, chinese
> > used it, mongols have used it, everybody has used it!

This symbol is seen world wide as forever linked to Nazi Germany and the
evil that was perpetrated then and that continues today. It is like a
certain style cross or a fish. These symbols are linked with Christianity.
 If you see someone wearing the symbol you know he/she is a Christian. Or
if you were to paint the golden arches on your men we would all know that
you are a Ronald Mc Donald loving Hamburger eater. I am not a Christian
nor do I like Mc Donalds, but the symbol you propose to use has a solid
meaning. If the symbol was removed from a violent venue then someone may
ask why it is there, however when you see a soldier with it everyone knows
what that soldier is about. The symbol and the word are forever tide to

The 40K world is a fantasy world. It is removed from the real world and
thus is interesting and fun to play. When we play we don't think of the
real horror of war. We are having fun. We are playing more detailed
chess. I for one do not want my fantasy linked with reality in any way. I
don't want to be reminded of what is evil in the world when I play.

P.S. Thank you Thane. I also think we are getting better. This discussion
is a good (regardless of where it comes up) one to have as racism should be
talked about out in the open more often. We may even change things then.

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