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From: John Chapman <john_at_...>
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 10:32:53 +1100 (EST)

> --------> Now now, you're going to start sounding like one of THOSE
> eldar players..."my poor victimized scorpions" etc. While they're busy
> sucking up plagues and beams of power (though it was the superheavies
> which usually received that blessing on our end) and being clawed,
> tentacled, long-legged, etc, your guardians are stealthily moving into
> ambush position...
        Yup the superheavies knew all about beams of power - so did infantry
foolish enough to shelter in buildings (was bad enough having to sit in them
to hold objectives.) An dI AM one of THOSE eldar players - is there any other
kind ?
> ---------> Ah - this makes a difference, as we didn't, so our pop-ups

> usually Tempests or a revved up Prism Cannon, or Falcons if you had
> nothing better (or no one's guns were in range of the tempests). With
        Yeah its amazing the difference to army balance that seemingly minor
interpretations of rules could make. As to tempests - well after 2 games - one
in which a deviating vortex wiped out 3 (shouldnt have had them so close
together even to keep them behind cover) and a second where they got wiped
for the cost of 1 marine in CC (FF doesnt help when the Thawk lands behind...)
I gave up on them - despite Magnus - titans lived a little longer :).
> --------> I can certainly see one use for Minotaurs at this point:
> Bodyguards for the Tarantula Company...
        Yup that was a use for them......
> --------> LR's only real flaw: every two tanks out of 3 you kill cough
> up 2 VP's. I always took a few, but thought they were overpriced
> compared to some of the other stuff.
        The same thing applied to falcons though (though youd only paid
150 for them (assuming you hadnt take a company (which was much better value
in terms of VPs)). BOth units were decent but not wonderful. Still - with the
LRs they were a decent range option for chaos - and splitting your shooty
points up stopped some of the funny looks when the tarantula numbers got too
high :).
> Warlocks were pretty effective against other titans (though not against
> my cheese-smashing deathstrike head cannon combined with a fire control
> centre heh heh heh - no cheese here...) Now if they'd just leave the
> artillery companies at home, the Eldar would have been all-powerful.
        Yeah about as cheesy as the twin turbo laser/pulsar phantom. Sadly
about half my titans turned up like this - if my opponents were going to use
the 'but these guns are so much better' argument to justify the same titan all
the time I had to fight back :) (at least doomweavers knocked them out of the
habit of taking the big plasma gun - oh you cant move this turn, that would
be unfortunate.........).

> I just never thought they were especially better than regular marines.
        They werent hugely better - just a little. They were also slightly
cheaper from memory. Combine that with the rewards and I usually winded up
feeling a litle sorry for the Emp's finest.
> -------> Even considering the plague, I always hated the vortex thing
> the most. Probably because my regular opponent painted his up as
> Thousand Sons, but even on paper it's just nastier somehow.
        Its the loss of titan thing that does it. It doesnt always work but
when it does it hurts. Ive probably lost more points to plague than vortex's
> Honestly, neither one of us would focus that much on any one unit. About
> the worst we got was one game with a Bthirster taking 5 jugger support
        He tried the same justification as with THawks - 'but ive got more
points wrapped up in titans but you dont complain about them'. He had
a point - sort of , not that his opponents ever really accepted it. Eventually
he toned things down a bit (phew....)
> > Sigh - that was long winded.
> -------> Now it's longer...
        And now its shorter
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