Re: [Epic] Too Off topic: was re: Insignia

From: Thane Morgan <thane_at_...>
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 17:35:18 -0700

Luca Fazio wrote:
> Excuse me all for this off topic
> All the statemement writed by Bloodax are upsetting.
> In my opinion he had several educational problem and he don't know what he is
> writing. He looks to me like a poor lunatic boy.
> A maybe-dangerous lunatic boy.
> The best thing he can do, in my humble italian opinion, is to re-read (or read)
> history and I hope he will be start to think.
> I agree with the wiser words of mr Cris Miller and Thane Morgan, I hoped to see
> more wise men in this list.
> Btw I hope that this tread will stop as soon as possible so we can back to our
> beloved :-) non political games.
> Thank you.
> Ciao,
> Luca Fazio
> Please reply to luca_fazio_at_... address only, I have problem with my mail service !! Thank you !

Yeah, sorry. I'd normally lets political slights pass, but that kind of
ignorance is dangerous and needs to get stomped. If further discussions
arise on this thread, I promise to not respond on the mail service, if
at all.

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