Re: [Epic] jawa sand crawlers

From: Thane Morgan <thane_at_...>
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 17:29:46 -0700

Asmodean wrote:
> having heard from this list(in the distant past) about ppl who have
> converted Micro machine jawa sand crawlers I went to the local shop with
> this aim.
> however, I managed to buy the die cast(not really convertable) version.
> So now I have this epic size transport and was wondering maybe the IG
> needs another WE(E40K) to replace the missing Capitol Imperalis.
> So now the point of the message, what stats can I give my little sandcrawler?
> I was thinking:
> speed armor void shields dam cap assult trans
> 15 6+ 4 10 ? 12
> as it doesnt really have weapons I didnt include any, but you would
> assume it would have to have some so maybe an all round firepower of 4?
> otherwise it looks cool as this huge transport.
> asmodean
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> The point is that the chicken crossed the road. Who cares why?
> The end of crossing the road justifies whatever motive there was.
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> jcm05_at_...,
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------I like it. Being imp gaurd, it ought to have a decent defensive
capability to provide to the troops around it; say a 12 fp with a range
of 15 cm, and the close support ability. Give it an assault of 12,
representing the effect of short range guns on assaulting troops, and
compares appropriately with a leviathon. Otherwise, you run the very
real risk of pod deployed troops killing it easily in the assault phase,
wasting scores of troops inside. You could also run the risk of the
transport losing a CC/ff, being surrounded by supperior troops and be
unable to move or deploy troops due to snap fire. This would leave no
choice but to wait for reinforcements or assaulting with IG (ugh).

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