Re: [Epic] SM Chaos - wasUncheesy detachments

From: John Chapman <john_at_...>
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 15:00:39 +1100 (EST)

> --------> It's so boring to take identical titans all the time. Not one of
> my titans mounts the same weapon combo. Phantoms mount a)Pulsar + Tremor
> Cannon, b) Heat Lance + Tremor cannon c) Pulsar + Fist. Warlock has Psychic
> lance + fist.
        I usually played WYSIWYG - which mean 2 with Twin pulsars/Turbos
and one with Twin TC's and RL's. I hated D-Cannons - even on 50pt warp
hunters they sucked (once I nuked Gazghkull (sp?) but I was aiming at a
distant , shieldless gargant......). TCs and Pulsars were good and had 100
range. Heat lances - hmmmmm nothing compared to volcano cannons but I used
pulsars as proxies for them to limit pulsar numbers regularly (noone complained
:) ). Psy Lances - against chaos - ok on Warlock titans ok. Power Fists -
didnt often get in titan-titan combat. If I did I wouldnt like the chance
of doing nothing with my hit if I won.......

> unfortunate...I'm in for it now...oh, wait - all 3 doomweaver batteries
> survived...they have some unusual rules - have you read them?
        Probably cos they were the units hiding behind the terrain in the
most distant corner of the battlefield......... :) My opponents didnt need
to read them again - not after the first plasma induced debacle.......
> Chris Miller
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