Re: [Epic] SM Chaos - wasUncheesy detachments

From: John Chapman <john_at_...>
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 15:36:42 +1100 (EST)

> Nope. Nothing stops Wave Serpents... they were the biggest
> single source of arguments in my games:
> "I move my 75 point WS into your untouched 900 point titan, so now
> it can't move or shoot for the rest of the turn."
or run away from doomweavers........

        Or the other favorite one - 'unit hit by a wave serpent cannot move
shoot or do anything else in the turn' . What does 'anything else' mean. Well
the only thing with a similar paralyzing effect was that warlock power - ie
'anything else' means no dice in CC. So of course to make up for that house
rules about Shokk Attack guns and Warp missiles going through shields turned
up here (well i can see how they can port through but they didnt actually have
LOS on the WS....). So when we finally ran into the faq which said this didnt
happen everyone was happier and WS's were more reasonable. Couldnt get the
bastards to give up on the going through shields stuff after that though to
make up for a considerable cut back..........(Though I started taking more
than 1 unit......)
        *sigh* house rules......
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