Re: [Epic] IG - Stormtroopers! - Long Reply

From: Dirk Vormann <>
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 14:30:18 +0100 (MEZ)

> >And for those true believers who still play SM/TL - I converted up a
> >Stormtrooper company- 15 stands in 3 detachments of 5, with 2 command
> >stands and a Chimera, same stats as normal Tacticals except that they
> >have a CAF of +1 and a morale of 3. To make the Stormtroopers I added a
> >small rectangle of plasticard and a cut down flagpole to the back of each
> >old style IG trooper, if you file the helmets down a little they look like the
> >berets Stormtroopers wear.
> >
> >Krass
> >Yes, I am insane, but like Mr Pinson says in his tag, it's fun.
> I have two companies of "white boys" - space marines painted white with
> black guns - who are deployed by Lambda Shuttle (same stats as a
> thunderhawk, but I use the micro machines "shuttle Tiderian").
> My "Scythes of the Emporer" are painted red like the Emporerer's gaurd in ROJ.
> I also field Tie Fighters for Thunderbolts and Tie Bombers for Marauders.
> I have three Impirial Walkers (ATAT's) on titan bases - they go out as
> either Warlords or Reavers as the need arises.
> With these guys I can field Sentinels as ATST's (scout or "chicken" walkers).
> And to top it off you need an inquisitor (SM Command dude) painted black
> with a red light sabre... (No one within 10cm can fail a moral check - or
> else! - he has +7 CAF, an awesome gun (2 dice hit on 4+ range 35 save at -1)
> and a fixed 4+ saving throw!) Sounds like the big D to me...

Are this correct SM2 Inquisitor rules?????????
Thought they were CAF +6; 25cm range for own troops passing morale checks.
CAF+7 is a terminator HQ, 10cm morale a SM commander.


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