Re: [Epic] Tactical Hint (the benefits of artillery)

From: Sean Smith <seans_at_...>
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 1998 18:38:59 +1300 (BST)

> Sure its keen to be able to attack units from far away, but because of
> the way blast markers work, its usually best to hit one detachment
> really hard before switching to another one. Normally, the detachment
> I've targeted is one close to the rest of my army and I can do more
> damage with some 45cm range troops than I could with extra artillery.
> I'm not saying you shouldn't use them (being an all IG player, I do) but
> I would think real hard before I spent more than say 20% of my points on
> artillery (I use 15%). I'm not a big fan of Bombards, the not shooting
> every turn thing really bothers me.

You have avoided addressing the points in my post Aaron, the points were:

- artillery can fire without putting it self in harms, as opposed to your
45cm troops that have to put themselves in harms way to shoot at the enemy;
- artillery can inflict damage before the enemy gets to fire, meaning the
enemy has less units available shoot back at your units;
- artillery gets to be on overwatch more than other units, so does more damage
than you would expect at face value;
- artillery can immediately provided fire support to any of your detachments
on the battlefield, where as you other detachments normally have to move 1 or
2 turns to be able to get in range to provide fire support.

As for bombards normally only 33% to 50% of my artillery is bombards.
Bombards have two advantages:

1) their additional range means that they can fire at enemy artillery and
disrupt weapons, without being in range of them;
2) If they're in a separate detachment they can march when they can't fire;

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