Re: [Epic] Gutbuster's Balls WAS Titan armaments and AT shots.

From: COOK MATTHEW JOHN <PBS4661_at_...>
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 1998 13:41:45 +0000

> > I think a gutbuster could be either a megacannon or a death ray, Ork
> > player's choice. (I'd say they have to choose at the beginning of the
> > turn, but you'd have to add something to remember with, or say it was
> > megacannon unless you said otherwise.) But it still doesn't allow you
> > to knock down multiple shields with it. (I wouldn't want it to knock
> > 'em all down--that seemed a bit extreme to me in the past.)
> I always thought it was a bit OTT that one shot could down all
> the void shields on a Titan *and* do a hit. Other weapons could
> either knock down a void shield *or* do a shield-penetrating hit,
> but...

I was an Ork player and yeh when it worked the ball round may have
been a bit to good. The 1 turn to reload reduced it quite a lot tho.
The thing was it wasn't exactly a complicated weapon and if it could
be so defestating surely some of the other races would have come up
with more sophistated versions of what was basically a huge
cannon(imagine cannon the size of Iraqi suppergun, and if that can be
done today well in the future god only knows!(if he exists that

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