Re: [Epic] Titan armaments and AT shots.

From: Mark A Shieh <SHODAN+_at_...>
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 16:42:34 -0500 (EST)

Andy Skinner <askinner_at_...> writes:
> Steve Sheldon wrote:
> >
> > >I like this, but it will be a while before I get round to play testing
> > it.
> > >Can anyone think of a good, game balanced reason why Imperial Titans
> > should
> > >NOT have access to Anti-Tank shots. How does this three AT shot gun
> > compare
> > >to the Eldar Pulsar?
> > >
> > The pulsar has better range and the potential for more shots, but having
> > 3 dedicated shots is nice.
> Also, is this being described as a single SHW, the effect of which is
> 3xAT, or 3xAT SHWs? For the sake of blast markers, of course.

        That's easy. Use the same rules you use for the Pulsar. :)
(1 SHW before house rules)

> I remember thinking that the possibility for varying these things seems
> pretty rich, as well, agreeing with whoever mentioned that before.
> Range doesn't give you as much to fiddle with, though. You used to be
> able to get a lot of firepower in short (25cm range). So imagine taking
> an 8fp HWB and putting its range down to 30cm. 12fp? 15cm: 16fp?
> Could you find enough targets for 16fp within 15cm? :-)

        One Eldar Titan or Ork Gargant. Hand me two of those Vulcan
Mega-Bolters, will ya? :)

> I think as
> long as you try to vary weapons within the parameters of the current
> ones, or finding appropriate limitations whenyou go outside them, you
> could come up with lots of good stuff.
> I've wished there were a weapon that could do some number of shots to a
> titan, or a shot to a number of targets under a barrage template. It
> seems weird to me that every barrage template weapon except the vortex
> missile only does 1 hit to a titan. I could understand some of them,
> but I think there ought to be something. But I haven't thought of
> anything elegant.

        You could borrow some of the old Eldar Pulsar rules and mix
them in with the new. 1d6 Anti-Tank shots, distributed as evenly as
possible among anyone standing in a template in range?

> I think a gutbuster could be either a megacannon or a death ray, Ork
> player's choice. (I'd say they have to choose at the beginning of the
> turn, but you'd have to add something to remember with, or say it was
> megacannon unless you said otherwise.) But it still doesn't allow you
> to knock down multiple shields with it. (I wouldn't want it to knock
> 'em all down--that seemed a bit extreme to me in the past.)

        I always thought it was a bit OTT that one shot could down all
the void shields on a Titan *and* do a hit. Other weapons could
either knock down a void shield *or* do a shield-penetrating hit,

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