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From: Chris Miller <ironstar_at_...>
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 23:33:03 -0600

>> Chaos vs Eldar loaded with warlocks & prism cannons.
>>Beat this a vast majority of the time. Lots of chaos marines, lots of
juggers and
>bloodthirsters, Lords of Battle for the psychic save. Chaos bikers.
Doomwings down
>the flanks.
------> Apparently at least one Eldar player didn't buy enough of those
Eldar AA guns which can also target ground units. Chaos bikers are maybe
equal to Jetbikes before Cards, but they'll be outnumbered bigtime. I think
the combination of numerous psychic attacks plus numerous pop-ups plus fast
HTH troops who were at least equal to Chaos's best caused the problems. You
won a _majority_ of the time?
>> Chaos vs Nids (in case you haven't guessed, these two cases are
>> sticking points with me).
>Never lost this battle as chaos. Lots of minotaurs and trolls (I've killed
>dominatrixes with trolls and minotaurs). Lords of battle for the psychic
save. As
>always, lots of chaos marines. Mortarion could rip through a swarm with his
>wind. A few warhounds/subjugators to pin dominatrixes so the horde could
swarm in
>with clubs and axes.
-----> Minotaurs & Trolls? Against hordes of Genestealers? The Daemon
princes I can see being effective until they get nuked with multiple psychic
attacks, and titans would be allright to a point, but c'mon...never lost?
>> Any army without fast attack units (like bikes) vs any army with
>> of fast attack units (the power of bikes is another problem I have with
>> SM/TL).
>Keep expensive infantry in buildings.
---------> Buildings? No building with infantry in it finishes the turn
standing in our games..Expensive Infantry? Yow...
 Cheap infantry buffers; Guard your titans
>and tanks with infantry. If nothing else, keep someone on advance nearby to
>the opponent pay for his kills on your units.
--------> Which Infantry is cheap for chaos - Cultists?
>Good tactics could win out against these cheese armies on a regular basis.
>people who beat me regularly did not do it with any of this crap; they did
it with
>normal armies well played.
--------> Well that's what we're wondering...You rarely lost to nids and
eldar, the two nastiest CC armies who also happen to have the most psychic
attacks which is Chaos' Achilles heel (heel? Leg!), who did beat you
and how? C;mon, it's war story time...

Chris Miller
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