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From: Chris Miller <ironstar_at_...>
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 23:42:55 -0600

>    There was one other factor that is an antithesis of the
>pic2nd  -Epic40k change. WRG required hundreds of miniatures to play a game
>and therefore starting up was very expensive, where DBA armies cost about
>$30.00 at the most. and is played on a 24"x24" maximum surface. I really do
>not understand how I can enjoy the simplicity of DBA and not that of E40k?
>believe for me personally it was the "Flavour of the units"
>    But DBM came out because all those WRG players had all those thousands
>of miniatures.(ME for one. I have eight full armies of em=25 printers
>storage drawers full )
--------> OK, someone educate me - I've seen a DBM, a DBA, a DBR all
apparently from the same organization. Y'all think I could get a rundown of
what the current edition is for each and what the heck the difference is?
Chris Miller
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