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From: Thane Morgan <thane_at_...>
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 00:53:54 -0700

Actually, I remember a hard lesson; reavers usually were little more
than food pellets for biotitans, which cost you 10 VP. Don't take a
reaver, unless you really know how to use the terrain to snipe weak
units while avoiding Dom's. Take warhounds, as they're fast, can rip up
swarms and don't hurt as bad when they're swallowed.

Quick Reaver battle group story; a friend took three reavers and put 3
chain fists on the last one. He then charged a Megagargant with them,
using the first two as side by side blockers for the third, laying waste
to anything put in front of them until they got into charge range of the
mega (no normal belly guns were around). It took him four turns with the
last titan to finally burn it out (everything else was dead), but it was
really funny.

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