Re: [Epic] SM/TL Tarantulas

From: John Chapman <john_at_...>
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 1998 12:14:49 +1100 (EST)

> > ------> Ok, new proposition: Is 1000 points of tarantulas better than a
> > Reaver Titan Battlegroup?
> > I would say no, but looking at the number of shots vs the number of void
> > shields, oooh. One battery per titan , and you can double up on two of
> > them,
> Tarantulas are 100 points for 5 stands. That's 10 batteries
> total, 3 on two of the Reavers and 4 on the last. Total of 50 shots
> in FF, 50 in advance. Of course, they're also rather immobile and
> easily assaulted. And you'd need 50 tarantulas unless your opponent
> is exceedingly gracious.
> > Of course, the counter to this is to put multi-launchers on the reavers
> > and stay 80cm away.

        Where did we suddenly get to 1000pts of tarantulas? :) The down
side of that solution is that you have 1000points of reavers killing about
6 tarantulas per turn. ie 1VP worth. Now consider 1000 points of reavers vs
say 500 points of tarantulas and 500 points of something else. The probs with
tarantulas was that they were so cheap it took a disproportionate (points wise
) amount of effort to avoid or destroy them. They were disgustingly effective
area denial weapons. The best way to deal with them was hide (limiting mobility)
 or 100cm+ ranges (usually found only on expensive heavy units - for which
tarantulas were a wasted target).
        As for tarantulas vs pop ups ( a response to someone elses post and
not really on topic here:) ) sure the advance fire cant shoot the popper up
skimmers but either a: there could be other stuff - like infantry/titans
available to shoot. If not it meant within a 75 cm radius of the tarantula
battery you were putting a heap of effort into hiding or avoiding the area
completely. That extra hassle has to be worth something.......
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