Re: [Epic] Support wpns for IG

From: Sean Smith <seans_at_...>
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 1998 22:29:57 +1300 (BST)

On Fri 27 Feb, Sutherland wrote:
> I was putting some of the new IG infantry together and decided to base the
> autocannon/lascannon on an old square base with a few support
> infantry(loader and comm). I had one wpn per base and thought that maybe I
> should just use these as the support wpns. Not that I think that 1
> autocannon is worth one anti-tank shot, but it does look good.

I have done the same as you, except I have only put 1 autocannon and
loader each on 20mm by 20 mm bases.

  And now I
> have some 12 support weapons muhahahah!!! Now all I have to do is figure
> out how to transport them with normal infantry grunts. cant buy chimeras
> by themselves. AARGHHH!!!

I don't use any transports for IG infantry regiments at all. I find
have found that the points cost of transport isn't worth it. Instead
I just advance them in line with support weapons picking off enemy
forces that get within range. Kind of like a wall of death. I
also use two ordinatus mechanicus (the sonic disrupter and deathray)
their assault values add to the assault factor of my IG infantry

My standard IG infantry detachment consists of:

1 HQ (upgraded to a captain)
3 IG squads (with 3 units upgraded to Commissars)
9 Support weapon batteries.

> By the way... they do paint up quite nicely IMHO.
> That Chuk Guy
> PS I still have 2 nicely painted OLD GREAT GARGANTS for sale if anyone is
> interested.

Sean Smith
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