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From: Sean Smith <seans_at_...>
Date: Mon, 2 Mar 1998 19:44:04 +1300 (BST)

On Mon 02 Mar, Luca Fazio wrote:
> Hi,
> greetings from Italy !
> I have a question about the Assault Phase in Epic 40k:
> "in the assault phase can an infantry stand embarkt on a transport, use
> part of vehicle's movement, disembark and charge in close combat on foot ??
> i.e. a charging marines unit will move 10x2= 20 cm... can they use 5 cm to
> embark in a rhino, use 20 cm of rhino's movement, use other 5 cm to disembark
> and then charge,on foot, the remaining 10 cm ?? In this way they will charge
> 20+10=30 cm instead of normal 2x10=20 cm
> In other words... can I embark and disembark a squad in the assault phase as I
> do in the movement phase ??
> Thank you !!
> Ciao,
> Ciao,
> Luca Fazio

Infantry can both disembark and embark in a both the assault and movement
phases. However each a time a unit disembarks or embarks the vehicle which
they are exiting or entering loses 5cm of movement. Also the unit loses 5cm
ever time it embarks or disembarks. However the unit being transported,
according to the rules, does not lose any movement for being transported.
So a marine unit could embark on a Rhino, lose 5cm movement, the rhino could
move 20cm (30cm movement minus 10cm movement for the marine unit embarking
and disembarking in the same phase), the marine unit could then dismbark,
-5cm movement again, and then charge 10cm into close combat.

However at my club we have a house rule that a unit being transported loses
movement in equal to proportion of movement that its transporting unit moves.
So a marine unit charging into close combat would lose 10cm of its 20cm movement,
if the rhino transporting it moved 15cm during the assault phase. I hope that
helps Luca!

Sean Smith
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