Re: [Epic] Imperial Guard and Shokk<sp> Attack Guns

From: J. Michael Looney <mlooney_at_...>
Date: Mon, 02 Mar 1998 08:52:55 -0600

Jeff Barton wrote:
> I'm new to the list and was wondering if someone could help me with a
> few questions.
> 1. I purchased a couple of boxes of the new Imperial Guard, and was
> wondering if there were any special rules for the different guard
> figures (i.e...jungle fighters, etc.) or do they all just use the
> standard Imperial Guard stats? (I know there are rules for the other
> figures from the box...Ogryn, Ratling Snipers, etc...)
IG is IG is IG.

> 2. Where can the rules be found for the Shokk<sp> Attack Gun? I seem
> to have alot of them, but I can't find the rules. Have I overlooked
> them?
"Big Gunz" if you live by the E40K rules. See for a
some what more complex set of rules for Orks. This would be the E41K

> 3. Has anyone put a copy of the detachment sheet on the web?

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