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Date: Wed, 19 Feb 1997 12:46:20 +1000 (EST)

>> there are a number of people who are attracted
>> because it is 100% escapist. They have disfunctional mundane lives.
>ie a lot like wargamers in general.

I don't know if I have a mundane life, I never get the time to find out.
>> The other thing is that everyone who is a member is convinced that they are
>> medieval historian despite the fact that a number of completely unfounded or
>> just plain wrong beliefs are passed around the society as gospel truth.
>ie a lot like wargamers in general. Oh, I've already said that. Oh well.

Oh, boy isn't this the truth. I've seen full blown arguments over how that
"definitely" fought such and such combat in such and such period, regardless
of the fact that the amount of information on some of it is very scarce at

>> Oh, yeah. If you are a guy, you are pretty much expected to fight (despite
>> their protests to the contrary). The generic "SCA event" centers around the
>> tournament, and if you're not into bashing people with sticks, oh well.
>That depends very much on where you are. Here in Politarchopolis, about
>30% of males have never fought in the Eric, and only 30% are actively
>involved in fighting per se. Combat Archery is another matter.
>Less than 10% of females are currently active in fighting. Ratio's about

I don't know. Stickjocks aren't all the fun of SCA. Me I prefer the feasts,
medieval games, archery and most definitely the very low cut tops on the
girls. Why did they ever stop them?

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