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From: Alan Brain <aebrain_at_...>
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 1997 14:21:39 -0800

Peter Ramos wrote:

> To make it easier on everyone lets take a poll on two propositions:
> 1-the current rules with the skimmer add on
> 2-any of the other ideas posted, but please pick one in specific to
> later present it to everyone in a more organized fashion.

I like 1. At least, for Infantry vs Infantry.

> Also many examples or worries including the titan issue have risen up
> regarding close combat,whatever system is used is intended as the rules
> for the game as a whole, titans will be an exception-so dont figure them
> in to the present analysis.

I'd like to include them along with all vehicles. By Vehicle I mean
anything armoured. Therefore Orc buggies, Eldar Vipers, Land Speeders
are not included.

The spectacle of hordes of +3 CAF Beastmen armed with shields and axes
chopping away at a Capitol Imperialis has always troubled me. I can
explain away SMs etc using grenades etc but not Wildboyz, Beastmen etc.
Similarly, skimmers such as Jetbikes should be immune. So I'd like some
units to have a CAF only useful vs Infantry. Maybe some Eldar Aspects
might also be included here.

Can we therefore divide CAF into 2 areas: HtH only - which in the case
of Genestealers etc CAN peel back armour plate, but generally can't ,
and cannot affect skimmers - and Close Assault Combat using point-blank
bolters, grenades, (plus some HtH) which genarlly CAN affect vehicles,
bit is more effective vs infantry (and quite good vs skimmers too).

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