Re: [Epic] [Epic 40k] Ideal 2000 point Armies

From: Sean Smith <seans_at_...>
Date: Thu, 5 Mar 1998 08:06:23 +1300 (BST)

On Thu 05 Mar, COOK MATTHEW JOHN wrote:
> On 4 Mar 98 at 19:26, Sean Smith wrote:
> > It would be interesting to see different list members
> > ideal 2000 point army lists.
> Do you mean ideal as in if we had the minatures or ideal as in
> whats the best forces we feel we could put togethor with our own
> minis.

By 'ideal' I mean the best army you can design, assuming
you have unlimited access to minatures

> Also any restrictions on anything?

No restrictions

> What scenarios rules?

based on the assumption that you could be playing any of the
six scenerios on pages 87 to 97 of the battle book, but
you don't know which scenerios in advance.

> Is it for a campaign?

No, but assume that you be fighting several battles, each time
facing a different army in a different scenerio.

> Do you mean the force most likely to win with or without cheese or
> flavourfull? Ie in SM/TL would have lots of Madboyz, as many as
> possible but not for how good they were just for fun!

I think the fact that you don't what type of army and scenerio you
will be playing will limit cheese, so I say full flavour.

> > It would also be interesting
> > if player wrote about the strength and weakness of their
> > ideal army and best way to use the various detachments in
> > their ideal army.
> Hard to do this without playtesting it and if you are talking with
> minis you havent actually got that makes this a bit impractical.

However it does inform newbies what minis they should consider
buying and why.

> > This would help inform list members of the
> > different styles of play. I will design ideal army myself,
> > and post it to the list tomorrow.
> I will be interested in the results just want some ground rules first
> so everyone goes allong same ideas.
> Will be most interesting if we get many from the same armies to see
> if similar styles or different.

Well I hope my reply to you provides list members with enough ground
rules and I have already suggested a standard format.

> > If other people are interested posting an ideal army to the
> > list I suggest they use the format below, because it will make
> > it easier compare the different player ideal armies of the same
> > race. All ideal army should be designed assuming that they
> > could be facing an army of any of the other races and using any
> > of the second set of six scenerios in the battle book.
> Opps missed that line strike my comment on scenarios.

Sean Smith
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