Re: [Epic] [Epic 40k] Ideal 2000 point Armies

From: Sean Smith <seans_at_...>
Date: Thu, 5 Mar 1998 17:29:31 +1300 (BST)

Blow are a few comments about the 2000 pt army Aerich Frodoson posted
to the list.

I can seem to see the CIC detachment on your list, or did I
miss it?

Army List: Jester's Angels

1st Company Jesters Sceptre 1st Company Jester's scepter (p 2)
10 Terminators 10 Terminators
5 Support Weapons 5 Razorbacks
5 Dreadnoughts 5 Dreadnoughts
Captain In Landraider Librarian In Landraider

I am concerned that about the lack of mobility of this detachment,
caused by it not having enough transport to carry all the
terminators and support weapons in the detachment.

2nd Company Jester's Cap (Raven Wing)
Librarian In Landspeeder
Captain In Landspeeder
2 Landspeeders
7 Attack Bikes
5 Bike Units

I would separate Landspeeders and bikes into separate detachments and
I would put the attack bikes with the 3rd company.

3rd Company Jester's Prank
5 Tactical in Rhino
2 Devastor in Rhino
2 Assualt in Rhino
2 Bikes Units
6 Vindicators
2 Landspeeders
4 Attack Bikes
Librarian In Razorback
Captain in Landraider

I don't see the merit in including landspeeders and attack bikes
in this detachment. I would have all the bikes and landspeeders in a
separate detachment, this would allow them to perform their roles better.

I use landspeeders get round flanks (if the enemy is silly enough not
to protect them), to snatch objectives and fire at detachments with
their pop ups. .

I must say however, overall I think it is a well designed army.

Sean Smith
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