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>> Company 1 Jester's Sceptre

The sceptre is the hinge pin. a center for the rest of the army to attack

>> Company 2 Jester's Fire

Jester fire is the same as the Raven wing. Rapid assault and evasion, good
for drawing troops in a given direction, and strafing.

>> Company 3,4 Jester's Left,Right

As the name suggests these two battle companies are for coming around the
left and right of 1st company and crushing forces between in a crossfire as
1st company Terminators pound at the enemy in the middle. The rhinos would
be abandoned as the battle drew near and mobility was no longer an issue.

>> Company 5 Jester's foot

The foot company follows the 1st company to add over the shoulder fire
support and extra assault troops. Decked out with their own bikes and
skimmers for widening fire position and Vindicators for the great CC support.

>> Company 7 Jester's Club

I work my armies so they are at cross advantages. The assault troops are as
much to support the dread and vindicators as the vehicle are there to
support the assault troops. This little group is optimal for cleansing an
area after the initial assault. As this is a reserve company These troops
would see little battle in the initial stages, but as a cleansing and
holding force they would be formidable. Imagine trying to budge this group
espcially in CC. Like all lone detachments they do suffer a disadvantage in
a straight shoot out. They are meant as a secondary reserve company and I
think when the army is taken in as a whole one can see that it work well as

>This seems a bizzare unit to me. Whay saddle the ultramaneuverable
>assault marines with vindicators and (gasp) dreadnoughts. While they
>would be good for holding a point vs. other armies assault troops, they
>would tend to die nastily at range without being able to return fire.
>Normally assault marines can use their manueverabilty to get out of LOS,
>but they may have to ditch the dreanoughts and vindicators to do it with
>this force. I usually put some devastors with my dreadnoughts; the
>dreadnoughts can gaurd from close assault while still lending heavy
>firepower. Also, the devestators are more likely to stay on their side
>of the board and set overwatch, so you tend not to outrun the
>Actually, I've had a hard time justifying SM dreadnoughts. If you could
>buy them as main units they would make a lot more since to me; their to
>slow for nearly every main force unit available to SM. Chaos
>dreadnoughts I will take in bulk occasionally, though thats mostly
>because I've got 16 of them.

I know that my army selection is a little skewed, but please be kind as I
was introed to Warhammer 40k gaming by building an all Harlequin army. It
was a sick and wrong concept and made in the early days of the Harlies when
fighting against them became purely frustrating as characters and stock
troops dropped like chafe. I had about 2500 points of the little beggars,
more if I borrowed from friends. Bikes tend to be a continuing theme in all
armies ever since. If I could find a way to retrofit my old HarlyDavidson
diecast models with orcs I would be playing them even now after all these

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