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Date: Wed, 19 Feb 1997 19:02:53 +0000


Thank you all for the prompt reply. The majority picked the current
rules with some minor changes. The dissentions were really directed to
more specific army related rules that can be changed (such as some CAF
on particular units)in the corresponding section.

On subject of interest was vehicles in close combat, for now we will put
in the backburner, but if anyone wants to playtest it in the
interim-remember to post the results.


Several issues that have been mentioned in the past seem to be the big
1-weapons should be paid for, therefore more powerful weapons combos
should be worth more and thus worth more Vp's.
2-titans are the powerful death machines of the games, bring back AT
rules make it difficult for anything but a titan to destroy a titan in
close combat
3-What other ways to make titans truely stronger

Keep the following in mind the above is intended to accomplish several
1-make titans expensive, for those lovers of background(as I am), titans
are supposed to be scarce, therefore a decent sized battle(4000-6000),
should have no more than one or two at best
2-Thier power and stamina should reflect the cost(the AT close combat
rules do a lot for this aspect).

I have some views on point 3 above, but will wait to hear from everyone
to express thiers before I post them.

REMINDER: We are not yet done with the basic phases just yet as flyers
and psionics need to be dealt with, due to popular demand I have
postpone this discussion until after the titan issue.


United we stand!
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