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>Excerpts from Epic: 19-Feb-97 [Epic] Net Epic by Peter Ramos_at_...
>> 1-make titans expensive, for those lovers of background(as I am), titans
>> are supposed to be scarce, therefore a decent sized battle(4000-6000),
>> should have no more than one or two at best
>Whatever you do, though, do *not* make a ruling in this matter. Make
>the things proportionally expensive, yes. Suggest taking only a few
>Titans, explaining the background, yes. Make a ruling on the matter,
>please, no.

Yup, I kinda agree with this. Lets not try to make too many restrictions
(although 1 Dominatrix per 3000 point is always good :)) on how a player
want to assemble his forces.

On the other hand, if we want to restrict the number of Titans, then we
probably have to make it more unkillable (like someone who mentioned
Robotech with their MegaDamage tables?) with anti-personnel electrified
armour, which would probably lead to higher costs for the Titans. After
which the Squats would want a piece of the action too.

Also, while the fluff seemed to be pointing to the fact that Titans as
scarce, I always imagine these Titans to be Imperators-class.

Having said that I think the idea of paying for Titans' hardpoints and
weapons seemed to be a good one.

"Yes, my Lord. My great-grandfather worked on this Titan, as did my
grandfather and my father. Now I am continuing this most sacred task and I
expect my scions to do so too. I am hopeful we can stick to the original
schedule, our Imperator "Emperor's Vengeance" will be ready in another 80
years !

"What ?!! Accelerate our production rituals ? You want to bring the wrath of
the Machine God upon our Forge Worlds ? Who cares if there are another 5
Hive Fleets heading for Segmentus Solar ? Who cares if inflation has driven
the cost up by 500-fold ? Who cares if the 10 Titans are being brought down
a day all over the galaxy, by measly Beastman with nothing more than axes.
We must keep faith with the Machine God !

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