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Date: Thu, 20 Feb 1997 13:31:53 +1000 (EST)

>Several issues that have been mentioned in the past seem to be the big
>1-weapons should be paid for, therefore more powerful weapons combos
>should be worth more and thus worth more Vp's.

Definately have weapons paid for. There are weapons that are useless while
there are others that should be rare (and therefore expensive), yet every
second Titan mounts one (like the Vortex Missile). Increasing the VP's is
fair enough too.

>2-titans are the powerful death machines of the games, bring back AT
>rules make it difficult for anything but a titan to destroy a titan in
>close combat

Again, a big plus here. Titans were supposedly these all-conqqoring
machines, yet in the current edition they suck compared to other units.
They need to be expensive, yet powerful.

>3-What other ways to make titans truely stronger

I want to see a return to the devastation caused by a Titan when it is
destroyed. When the Plasma Reactor goes up on a Titan now, they just don't
do the kind of damage I think they should. With Gargants I can understand
why they don't do the same kind of damage, but the other Titans should leave
whole areas of the battlefield black! Its a Plasma Reactor for gods' sakes
which I take to mean it is similar to a Torus Fusion reactor. I talked to a
physicist on this one and his thoughts on a breach with a Torus reactor were
similar to "Well, you know what a H-bomb can do.....". Plasma is the stuff
the sun is made out of. Nothing should be able to survive when hit by that

I also like the idea of Self-destruct on Titans. This is a rule that
shouldn't be used lightly, but in certain circumstances, I think it is
appropriate. Especially with Orks (Lite da magazinez lads! We'll take da
stinkin' 'Oomies wiff uz!). And the other races wouldn't like their
technology falling into lesser races hands.

>Keep the following in mind the above is intended to accomplish several
>1-make titans expensive, for those lovers of background(as I am), titans
>are supposed to be scarce, therefore a decent sized battle(4000-6000),
>should have no more than one or two at best
>2-Thier power and stamina should reflect the cost(the AT close combat
>rules do a lot for this aspect).

To true. They are the Leviathans and Gods of the battlefield. They should
be played as such. The Imperator should be basically indestructable when
faced with other units that aren't Imperators or Mega-Gargants (which suck
BTW). Warlords should be able to stride the battle and not have too much to
worry about from other non-Titan units.


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