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From: Sean Smith <seans_at_...>
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 1998 05:23:16 +1300 (BST)

On Mon 16 Mar, Steve Coleman wrote:
> >
> >How about Imperial Support weapons. Same thing, but only cost 13
> >points. That's 3xAT for 36 points.
> Few minor differences. Land Raiders have 3 times better armour, twice the
> movement, twice the AT shots AND can carry troops.

Ah but, support weapons cost only the third the cost of a Landraider.
Also one anti-tank weapon takes out takes out two anti-tank weapons when
it hits a landraider and only one when it hits a support. I am an
IG player uses lots of support weapons, I find that they bet landraiders
hands down all the time.

As for how other races can counter landraiders:


Fire Prisms - Ok they only have one shot and cost three points
more than LRs, they can however pop up, which allows
them shot at LRs before they can fire back.

Support Platform batteries - They only three points more
than support weapons, still excellent on a point for point
basis at taking LRs.

War Engines of Vaul - Got a 60cm range compared to the 45cm
range of LRs.

Close Combat - If their is cover within 45cm of LRs put jump
troops in it if possible, then charge the LRs in the assault

Igorning LRs - On of the most effective tactics my Eldar
               opponents have adopted against my LRs is
               staying out of LOS and igorning them. LRs
               only have 20cm speed, good tactics
               on the Eldar behalf will allow Eldar to
               igorne LRs and concentrate on other units.
               However Eldar should player still give the
               impression that he is going to attack the LRs,
               this will force the marine player to use some of
               his troops to protect his LRs when they could
               have instead been doing other things.
Sean Smith
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