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From: Sean Smith <seans_at_...>
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 1998 04:54:18 +1300 (BST)

On Mon 16 Mar, Luca Fazio wrote:
> Hi,
> greetings from Italy !!
> What do you think about E40's close combat system ??
> I like the ruleset but last night I was playing against Caos with my valiant
> Space puppies and one of my assault detachments (with a nice 48 assault factor)
> lost a close combat versus a 29 assault factor caos detachment (mostly hweapons
> guys with some caos dreadnoughts... rampage, you know )..
> So I had a nice detachment broken, 8 units lost and a crucial crossroad in the
> unholy hands of Caos minions !!
> I know... fate of war are beyond mortals' minds and die are, well..., die !!
> Are you using some house rules to resolve your close combats or are you happy
> with E40's rules ??
> However don't start another E40 vs 2nd Ed holy war, please ;-))))

Personally I think the E40k close combat rules are great. What
you need to remeber is that Marines strength isn't close combat
in E40k (through there not bad at it either). Marines strength is
in their mobility, fire power and cheap anti-tank weapons.
Where as the Chaos army is the second best close combat army
in E40k, after Tyranids.

I would need to know more about the battle know how you could have
improved your chances of success, I can however make some general
comments. Marines when facing chaos should attempt to reduce their
oppostions strength with firepower and anti-weapons before the
marines get into close combat. Marine should try go on overwatch
if possible. Anti-tank fire is the best thing to use against
Greater daemons.

Remeber that many Daemons have zero fire power, therefore it normally
better for marines to engage in a fire fight with than, rather than
close combat.

When you realise that you going have to get into close combat remember
that the assault value of your detachments is only one of the factors
that influences your die roll for close combat. Use fate cards
(such as assassin, psyhic blast etc) to inflict blast markers on the
enemy detachment(s), if they don't have any yet or to make them have
more than your detachment(s). In the fire phase try and fire at enemy
detachment(s) with more than one detachment and wth both fire power
and anti-weapons, that way you will inflict more blastmarkers. If
possible get your CIC involved in the close combat, this will allow you
to reroll your close combat die. When I play marines I put my CIC on a
bike so that he has the mobility to join detachments in Close combat.
Also I make my Marine CIC a Ordos Mallues, so that when he joins a
close combat he adds another psyker thereby hopefully resulting me
having the greater number of psykers in a close combat. Always try and
keep back fate cards that allow you to reroll your close combat die, so
that if your CIC can't support a close combat you can still reroll your
close combat dice.

I hope that was helpful Luca. If you want more comments specifically
on how you could have improved situation in the particular battle your
refer to in your post I suggest you post a battle report, with a GIF
map attached if possible.

Sean Smith
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