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From: John Chapman <john_at_...>
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 13:30:15 +1100 (EST)

> He's not kidding. I find myself looking wistfully at Austrailia. Give us
> some down sides, or else your going to get a bunch of american moving
> in, making you play football properly and weakening the beer.
        Ok for a start our politicians *SUCK*. At least here in Victoria we
have a premier whos busy screwing over the state backwards in order to get
good deals for his rich mates (would you like a power plant - here's one for
a bargain basement price , or would you like to put tolls on existing roads
and have it worked so that theyll be around for 30 years increasing each year..
would you like to open a casino - we wont hold you to any of the contracts
you might sign and we certainly wont enforce any of the fines laid out for
 Of course if youre not one of Jeff's mates youve probably had your job cut if
you were in the public service , or a teacher , or a nurse-and if youre a
worker your rights to compensation if injured have just been screwed with.
Of course with our unemployment rate being as high as it is job related
problems may not be a concern , the cuts in social security might ......:)
Victoria's great if you're rich to begin with.........
        As for nationally well our economy's down the gurgler - which I suppose
is good if youre in the US - the conversion rates from $US to monopoly money
seems to be good at the moment. A few years ago our national Treasurer made
some comments about us turning into a banana republic - and he was right....
And our politicians dont even have the sex appeal that yours evidently do :).
> The high incidence of skin cancer
        We got one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. And we're
aiming to be #1 :).
> The number of people who suffer juniper allergies
        We got great asthma rates.
> That we have more people struck by lightning than any other state
> That we are the focal point of the Haunta Virus outbreak, and we are one
> of two places in the world where you can still catch bubonic plague.
        Hmmmm well salmonella has been a popular inclusion in food as of late.
ANd we have the world's finest collection of poisonous critters........
        Hows that for a start?
> Thane
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